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India has significantly expanded its EV charging infrastructure in recent years. Here are some of the key players and the status of charging stations across the country:

  1. Tata Power EZ Charge: Tata Power operates a comprehensive network of over 1,000 charging stations across 180 cities. They aim to increase this number significantly in the coming years.
  2. Statiq: Statiq is the largest EV charging network in India, with over 7,000 chargers. They provide affordable charging solutions and have a significant presence in major cities.
  3. Charge Zone: This company focuses on providing extensive charging solutions, including for electric buses, and is working towards reducing urban pollution by encouraging the adoption of EVs.
  4. Magenta ChargeGrid: Magenta has developed over 54 charging stations across India, focusing on smart and efficient solutions tailored to local needs.
  5. Jio-bp Pulse: A collaboration between Reliance’s Jio and BP, this initiative aims to create India’s largest EV charging network, integrating battery swapping and fast charging solutions.
  6. Ola Charging Station: Ola is developing a network of hyper-chargers, targeting over 4,000 stations, primarily in residential complexes and at BPCL gas stations.
  7. HPCL and Tata Motors: They plan to set up 5,000 new charging stations by the end of 2024. HPCL already operates over 3,000 EV charging and battery swapping stations nationwide.
  8. Adani Total Gas: This subsidiary of Adani aims to install 75,000 EV charging stations by 2030 to support the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.
  9. Ather Energy: Known for its electric scooters, Ather operates charging stations in Bengaluru and Chennai and plans to expand to other major cities soon.
  10. Delta Electronics: Delta provides various EV charging solutions, including AC and DC chargers, known for their efficiency and international safety standards.
  11. Exicom: Exicom focuses on providing EV charging infrastructure and Li-ion batteries, aiming to accelerate vehicle electrification in India.
  12. Ensto: Ensto, a global technology provider, opened India’s first electric car charging station in New Delhi in 2017, offering modular and high-performance charging solutions.

These companies and initiatives reflect India’s growing commitment to supporting electric vehicles through robust charging infrastructure