Alto Electric Car: A Comprehensive Guide


The Maruti Suzuki Alto holds a prominent position in the Indian automotive market, cherished for its affordability and impressive fuel efficiency. There are allegations that Maruti Suzuki is actively creating an electric version of the Alto due to an increasing need for electric automobiles (EVs). This next alto electric car , which is scheduled to go on sale in the year 2025, has the potential to rank among the most cost-effective EV options accessible in the Indian automobile market.

Alto Electric Car Specifications

A small electric motor and battery system are expected to be used in the alto electric car  which will have an estimated range of 200–250 miles. A number of standard features are anticipated to be incorporated with the car, including power openings, cooling, and an accessible infotainment display.


While the Alto EV is expected to have a basic set of features, there are a few things that buyers can expect.

Touchscreen infotainment system: Bluetooth connectivity, music playback, and navigation are all anticipated to be supported by the touchscreen infotainment system that the Alto EV will have.

Air conditioning: Since air conditioning is a need in India, it is anticipated that the Alto EV will include it as standard equipment.

Power windows: Another useful feature that owners can anticipate in the Alto EV is power windows.


The upcoming electric variant of the alto electric car is expected to be propelled by a compact electric motor generating an output of approximately 30–40 horsepower. While this power level may not be ideal for highway or interstate journeys, it is anticipated to provide ample performance for urban commuting and city driving scenarios. 


The upcoming Alto EV is expected to offer a driving range of approximately 200 to 250 kilometers on a single charge. For most individuals, this range should suffice for their daily commuting needs. However, it’s essential to bear in mind that the actual range may vary due to factors such as traffic conditions, weather, and driving habits. 

Benefits of owning an Alto EV

There are a number of benefits to owning an Alto EV, including:

Lower running costs: Electric cars compared to petrol or diesel vehicles, are far less expensive to operate. This is true because electric automobiles require less upkeep and power is significantly less expensive than fuel or diesel.

Zero emissions: Electric cars emit no pollutants, hence lowering air pollution and enhancing air quality.

Quieter operation: Electric cars compared to petrol or diesel vehicles, are far quieter, making them more enjoyable to drive and be around.

Government incentives: To encourage the use of electric vehicles, the Indian government is providing a number of incentives. Subsidies, tax reductions, and access to designated parking spaces and charging stations are some of these incentives.

Challenges of owning an Alto EV

There are also some challenges associated with owning an electric car, including:

Higher upfront cost: Electric cars are often more expensive to buy than cars powered by petrol or diesel. The higher initial cost of electric vehicles can eventually be offset by their lower running costs.

Limited range: Electric cars have a shorter range than petrol or diesel vehicles, which necessitates more frequent charging. For those who frequently travel or have long commutes, this may be an issue.

Limited charging infrastructure: In India, there are only a few locations for charging electric vehicles. Finding a location to charge your electric car might be challenging as a result, especially when you’re on the go.


The Alto EV is a promising new entry in the Indian market for electric vehicles. It is anticipated to be reasonably priced, fuel-efficient, and simple to use.However, buyers should be aware of the limited range and limited charging infrastructure before purchasing an alto electric car

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