Electric Bikes Under 1 Lakh in India: Affordable and Eco-Friendly Riding Options

Electric Bikes Under 1 Lakh in India

Electric Bikes Under 1 Lakh in India : In the ever-evolving world of personal transportation, electric bikes have taken the spotlight as a cost-effective and environmentally responsible choice. These two-wheel wonders offer an exciting and sustainable riding experience without breaking the bank. As India embraces the electric bike revolution, we explore some of the top options available under 1 lakh. From efficient commuting to eco-conscious features, these electric bikes are redefining the way we move.

Emote Electric Surge: A Game-Changer in the Making

Price: Rs.1 Lakh

Emote Electric has caused quite a stir with its innovative offering, the Surge electric bike, which was showcased at the Auto Expo 2020. At first glance, it might appear unassuming with its boxy styling, but beneath the surface, it’s a powerhouse. The Surge boasts a robust trellis frame housing an electric motor that churns out an impressive 28Nm of torque at 2800rpm.

Impressive Battery Range – Electric Bikes Under 1 Lakh in India

Electric Bikes Under 1 Lakh in India, is its 72V, 40Ah lithium-ion battery pack. This battery pack offers a remarkable claimed range of 100km, making it ideal for daily commuting. But here’s the real game-changer: Emote Electric provides two extra battery packs as part of the accessory list. These additional packs can extend your range to a whopping 300km on a single charge. However, it’s worth noting that each of these battery packs weighs 26kg, which could potentially impact the bike’s handling and performance.

Charging the Surge is a breeze, thanks to its compatibility with conventional chargers, taking just 4 hours to reach full capacity. For those who can’t wait, the optional fast-charging feature promises a complete charge in just 30 minutes (claimed).

Comfortable Ride and Braking

The Emote Electric Surge is equipped with a telescopic front fork and a linked horizontal monoshock for a comfortable ride. When it’s time to stop, it relies on a 300mm front disc and a 230mm rear unit, both fitted with ByBre calipers. Although the official launch date is yet to be finalized, we anticipate its release by the end of this year. Once available, it’s set to compete head-to-head with the Revolt RV400, currently the only electric bike in India.

Oben Rorr: A Bengaluru-Based Marvel

Price: Rs.1.03 Lakh

The Oben Rorr electric bike marks a significant milestone as the first electric motorcycle by the Bengaluru-based startup. It directly rivals the Tork Kratos and made its debut in July 2023, accompanied by a price hike.

Oben Rorr Price and Features

The Oben Rorr is now priced at Rs 1,49,999 (ex-showroom Karnataka) after considering state subsidies. It’s available in a single variant, packed with a host of exciting features. The electric motorcycle boasts an all-LED lighting system and a fully digital instrument cluster with smartphone connectivity. Using this feature, riders can access predictive maintenance information, ride details, battery status, geo-fencing, geo-tagging, charging station locations, on-demand service, and roadside assistance. The e-bike is also equipped with CBS as standard.

Oben Rorr’s Power and Performance

The Oben Rorr, one of the top Electric Bikes Under 1 Lakh in India, is powered by an 8kW frame-mounted IPSM motor, connected to a chain drive. This electric marvel can go from 0-40kmph in just 3 seconds and reaches a top speed of 100kmph. It offers three distinct riding modes: Eco, City, and Havoc. While the Havoc mode claims a range of 100km, the City and Eco modes extend that range to 120km and 150km, respectively. To support these impressive figures, the 4.4kWh LFP battery pack provides an IDC (Ideal Driving Conditions) range of 187km. Charging is swift, taking only 2 hours to reach 80% using a 15A socket.

Oben Rorr’s Suspension and Brakes

The Oben Rorr, one of the top Electric Bikes Under 1 Lakh in India, features a telescopic fork at the front and a rear monoshock for a comfortable ride. Braking duties are managed by disc brakes at both ends, coupled with CBS for added safety. The e-bike boasts a substantial 200mm ground clearance and an impressive 230mm water wading capability.

Oben Rorr’s Competitors

Directly competing with the Tork Kratos, the Oben Rorr also stands against the Revolt RV 400. For those seeking higher performance, the Ultraviolette F77 presents a compelling alternative.

In Conclusion

In a world where eco-conscious and budget-friendly solutions are highly sought after, Electric Bikes Under 1 Lakh in India are making a significant impact in the country’s transportation landscape. With innovative features, impressive range, and a commitment to sustainability, these electric bikes are setting the stage for a cleaner and more affordable future in personal mobility.

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