New Electric Bus in India: PMI Electro Mobility Revolutionizing the Landscape

New Electric Bus in India

Unveiling the New Wave of Transportation

In recent years, India has been making remarkable strides in the field of electric mobility, and one company that stands out in this eco-revolution is PMI Electro Mobility. As one of India’s premier electric bus manufacturers and operators, PMI Electro Mobility has been at the forefront of this transformative journey, contributing to the rise of the New Electric Bus in India. The company has made significant waves with its recent announcement, solidifying its position as the second-largest electric bus brand in India. With more than 777 electric buses plying the roads across the nation, PMI Electro Mobility has undoubtedly left a lasting mark in the country’s public transportation sector.

Hitting Milestones: Surat Municipal Corporation’s Green Initiative

PMI Electro Mobility recently made headlines by delivering 25 cutting-edge electric buses to the Surat Municipal Corporation. This move is part of a more extensive order for 150 electric buses, marking a significant step towards a greener and more sustainable transportation system. The Surat Municipal Corporation’s commitment to embracing electric buses reflects the growing awareness of environmental concerns and the need to reduce carbon emissions.

National Reach: From Kerala to Delhi

PMI Electro Mobility’s electric buses are not confined to a single city. They have successfully established a presence in various cities across India, driving the adoption of the New Electric Bus in India. From the picturesque landscapes of Ladakh to the bustling streets of Delhi, PMI Electro Mobility’s electric buses are becoming a common sight, and the reason behind their widespread adoption is their cutting-edge technology.

Powering Progress: Cutting-Edge Lithium-Ion Batteries

At the heart of PMI Electro Mobility’s success story lies its commitment to innovation, a key component in the rise of the New Electric Bus in India. Their electric buses are powered by state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries. These batteries have revolutionized the electric vehicle landscape, providing a robust and efficient power source. With a single charge, these batteries offer an impressive range of up to 300 kilometers, making long journeys a breeze.

PMI Foton: The Epitome of Modern Mobility

PMI Electro Mobility’s flagship model, the PMI Foton, is an engineering marvel. Let’s delve into its specifications:

Seating Capacity

The PMI Foton boasts a spacious seating capacity of 30+D, ensuring that passengers can enjoy a comfortable and convenient ride.


Under the hood, this electric bus, playing a pivotal role in the advancement of the New Electric Bus in India, features a powerful 204 KwH Advance Li-ion battery. This cutting-edge battery technology ensures optimal performance and long-lasting power, contributing to the bus’s efficiency and reliability.

Cost-Efficient- New Electric Bus in India

The PMI Foton is a shining example of the remarkable progress in the New Electric Bus in India segment. It’s not only eco-friendly but also highly cost-effective. With a price tag of just Rs 1.2 crore, it offers an affordable and sustainable transportation solution, aligning perfectly with the aspirations of a cleaner and greener India. The affordability of the PMI Foton not only benefits the environment but also makes electric buses an accessible choice for public transportation agencies and the broader populace, catalyzing the shift towards a more sustainable future.

Impressive Range

With a range of 180 kilometers on a single charge, the PMI Foton eliminates range anxiety, making it a practical choice for both short and medium-distance travel.

Key Takeaways

PMI Electro Mobility’s journey to become India’s second-largest electric bus brand is marked by innovation, sustainability, and a commitment to a greener future, contributing significantly to the emergence of the New Electric Bus in India. Their vehicles have made a positive impact on the country’s public transportation landscape, providing a breath of fresh air in an era where environmental consciousness is paramount.

In conclusion, PMI Electro Mobility is not just about electric buses; it’s about a visionary commitment to shaping a sustainable and cleaner India for future generations. Their dedication to innovation, cutting-edge technology, and widespread adoption of the New Electric Bus in India reflects their mission to drive change, reduce emissions, and provide eco-friendly transportation solutions that benefit both the environment and the well-being of all Indians.

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